Courier services

The courier service is a special service that allows you to enter a demand for the transport of especially smaller loads up to 1000 kg. It is enough for the subject to enter a request for transport on the website in the Courier Services section and thus enter an offer. for all carriers in the platform. If the carrier agrees with the customer, they can close the deal and carry out the transport. In this way, private individuals can enter their demand into the Queryspeed transport platform and thus bring carriers registered other new orders in the transport platform.

I want to enter a request for a courier

Courier services

Private individuals may request the transport of smaller loads by carriers. Carriers registered in the Queryspeed system can then respond to this request.

Warning: Max. 1000kg

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  • available immediately worldwide after user authentication
  • easy overview, quick response and always at hand anywhere you are
  • lowest membership prices in EU
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Users of OUR platform


A comprehensive package of services drawing on our resources at the global and local level. As a result, our services benefit your entire supply chain.


The forwarding company FORWARDER focuses on a comprehensive offer of forwarding services in the area of transport of consignments, packages, processing of transport requirements according to individual customer requirements.

BS Šped

International and domestic transport of goods by road, water, train or air from 100 kg to oversized and oversized shipments.
We mediate customs clearance of shipments transported by us.

IMD Brand

Wholesale company IMD Brand s.r.o. is a family company founded in 2018. We deal with exports and imports - brokering trade throughout Europe.


Road freight transport is the focus of the activity and ensures the transport of various types of materials throughout Europe.

Olympia Spedition

OLYMPIA Spedition, s.r.o. is a forwarding company, which was founded in 2006 and provides complete services in the field of transport of goods of various types and sizes.

Tecta Logistic

Our portfolio of services in international road transport is really wide. We carry out all types of transport by various types of vehicles abroad and from abroad.

Hakos spedition

Hakos s.r.o. was established in 2007. Until 2014, it met the transport requirements of its customers exclusively with its own transport capacities. Growing customer requirements and efforts to meet them 100% resulted in the creation of a new forwarding department in 2014.

QUERYSPEED platform of 21st century

01. Complex cargo solution

QUERYSPEED is safe online market, usable from anywhere in the world with just an internet connection. Transport companies have maximum utilization of their vehicles at hand - in smartphone, tablet or PC. Look up a suitable transport order matching your profile. The market database will enable you to respond to demands immediately and ensure new orders. All approved orders are available on your dashboard. The small loads from private advertising help you reach 100% vehicle utilization.


02. Spedition solution

Spedition companies can access online market and offer their transport orders to reliable, verified transport companies registered in our platform. They have simple overview of assigned transports and orders which promotes growth and new partner acquisition We bring you an online solution without need for installations with full functionality on smartphones, notebooks and tablets. Do not hesitate and register!



We bring brand new service!!! We offer a market of warehouse demands and offers for our members. We have a solution for temporary or long-term cargo storage.
Therefore, if you have warehouse space available the market is suitable for you too!
If you can store cargo in your warehouses, do not hesitate and register now to fully utilize your warehouse space.